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Reservation Policies

1. Contact us to get a quote.

2. Payment methods accepted are; interac transfer, bank transfer and credit card. Note that a 4% fee applies for payments by credit card.  


3. A security deposit is due 2 days before arrival and released 5 days after departure. The security deposit will be automatically taken from the payment method identified in the tenant's file.

4. In the event of cancellation or modification up to 60 days before the arrival date, the Landlord does not charge any fees except for your initial deposit which is non-refundable to cover rental and administration losses.

5. In the event of late cancellation or modification (60 days before the rental date) or no-show, the Lessor collects the total amount of the reservation.


We attach great importance to compliance with regulations to guarantee all our visitors a pleasant and safe experience.

The cottage you have reserved is rented to you under the following but not limited conditions:


1. Number of guests


1.1 The maximum number of persons permitted may not be exceeded at any time. Failure to comply with this rule may result in immediate eviction without refund. The maximum capacity is indicated in the rental contract.

1.2 If the number of people mentioned at the time of reservation is not respected, the additional amount of $75 per person, per night, will be deducted from the security deposit.


2. Pets


2.1. No animals are allowed inside or on the grounds. In accordance with the contract, a fee will be charged if this is the case. 

3. Safety


3.1 Never leave children alone on the terrace, near water or near the fire.

3.2 The Tenant is responsible for locking the doors when absent from the cottage.

3.3 The Tenant is responsible for his/her own safety and that of his/her guests when swimming during the stay. If applicable, a number of life jackets are made available to the Tenant. 


3.4 The Landlord is not responsible for any event causing death, injury, loss of personal property, or for any damage to the personal property of the Tenant and his/her guests during the stay. By accepting this reservation, the Tenant and his/her guests accept the risks associated with their stay at the facility.


4. Outdoor activities

4.1 4.1 Before lighting an outdoor fire, the Tenant must always check the SopFeu web site for any fire bans in effect. Failure to comply with any such restrictions will result in an additional charge.

4.2 The Tenant is responsible for never leaving a fire lit overnight or when leaving the chalet. 


4.3 The Tenant agrees to respect reasonable rules of conduct and noise levels, and not to disturb neighbors. After 10 p.m., outside noise and outside activities must be kept to a minimum.

4.4 Access to the water is permitted to the Tenant and his/her guests for the duration of the stay. The Tenant is responsible for not damaging the equipment provided, the shoreline or leaving objects on site.

4.5 The Tenant is responsible for returning the equipment provided to its place. 

4.6 Always clean the outdoor BBQ and close the gas cylinder valve after use.

5. Spa and Sauna (if applicable)


5.1 Children aged 12 and under are strictly forbidden in the spa and sauna.


5.2 The maximum number of people in the spa at any one time is 6.

5.3 Do not use hard crockery, glass or glass bottles in or around the spa and sauna. Only cans and plastic glasses (available in the kitchen) may be used.


5.4 Always open the spa cover with 2 people, each by one side of the cover, gently, so as not to damage the lever. Keep the cover upright when open.


5.6 Maintain spa temperature between 95 and 101 degrees F in summer and between 98 and 101 degrees F in winter.


5.7 Always turn off water jets before closing spa cover.


5.8 Always close the spa cover when not in use and use the fasteners at the front to keep it securely closed.

5.9 A shower should be taken before entering the spa to remove any creams or oils from your body.


5.10 Any malfunction of the spa must be reported immediately to the owners at the contact details provided.

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